Presentation of Child-Friendly Information Materials on Children's Rights

"Children's voices should be heard everywhere, as they know their needs best. However, unfortunately, they often are not aware of their rights or the mechanisms for protecting their rights, whereas informing children plays a big role in preventing, timely detecting and appropriatly responding to the rights violations", the Public Defender of Georgia said at the event, where child-friendly informational materials on children's rights were presented.

At the event, the Public Defender’s Office, in cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund, with the financial support of the European Union and the participation of children, summarized the project - "Supporting Child-Friendly Justice - Through Research, Monitoring and Adaptation of Information for Children".

In his speech, the Representative of the United Nations Children's Fund, Jesper Moller, noted that all children should be informed of their rights and freedoms, and should know how and who to contact in case of violation of their rights. “I think the prepared information materials will help young people to use this information in practice to protect their rights and freedoms”.

Child-friendly information materials on children's rights aim to inform children of their rights and the mechanisms for protecting these rights, and to widely disseminate information on children's rights.

The Public Defender’s Office attaches special importance to raising public awareness of children's rights and actively works in this direction. In addition, for this purpose, employees of the Office meet children all over the country and hold informational meetings with them.

In the discussion held at the end of the meeting, the children expressed their opinions regarding the spread of information about children’s rights and protection mechanisms.

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