Public Defender's Office Takes Third Place in “Kviris Palitra" Survey “Confidence”

422 respondents took part in the survey “Confidence” carried out by the “Kviris Palitra" newspaper. To a question – “Which agency/public institution do you trust the most?" – the Public Defender's Office took the third place following the Patriarchate and the media. The maximum rate was 9 points and the minimum - 1.

The average scores of credible agencies are as follows:

1. Patriarchate of Georgia 8.87

2. Media 6.12

3. Public Defender's Office 5.70

4. Government/Ministers 4.90

5. President 4.85

6. Parliament 4.79

7. Court 3.74

8. NGOs 3.04

9. City Hall/Local Authorities 2.99

Such a high confidence from the public lays even more responsibility on the Public Defender's Office and encourages to continue intensive efforts to improve the human rights situation.

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