National Communications Commission Imposes Administrative Responsibility on Alt Info Ltd following Public Defender's Appeal

The Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC), based on the appeal of the Public Defender's Office, examined the programme aired by Alt Info Ltd and found that the programme seriously harmed both juvenile and adult viewers. According to the decision of the Commission, administrative responsibility was imposed on Alt Info Ltd for violating the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting.

The Public Defender decided to study this issue in order to protect the best interests of the child, as the programme considered physical, psychological and other forms of violence against children as correct and necessary upbringing methods; At the same time, it directly encouraged violence against children and portrayed the use of force as a moral obligation.

The presenters used phrases, including obscene ones, that encouraged violence, especially domestic violence against women and children, were discriminatory, Islamophobic and homophobic. The show discussed gender stereotypes, gender discrimination and vicious practices of violence in the positive context.

It is noteworthy that such rhetoric about violence against children and women may jeopardize the public perception of the gravity of the crime, normalize violence and encourage indifference towards it, which negatively will affect the reporting and timely detection of the crime, as well as effective implementation of victim protection and rehabilitation measures.

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