Ltd. Credo Fulfils Public Defender’s Recommendation on Elimination of Discrimination on Grounds of Pregnancy

On June 20, 2016, the Public Defender was notified by Ltd. micro-financial organization Credo that following the Public Defender’srecommendationon the elimination of discrimination on grounds of pregnancy, the applicant was reinstated in the organization and an open-ended labor contract was signed with her on loan officer’s position. She will resume working after her maternity leave is over. The applicant was fully compensated for her medical expenses and missed salaries. In addition, on the basis of the Credo director’s order, the written warning received by the applicant was canceled.

In conversation with Public Defender’s representatives, the applicant confirmed the abovementioned facts.

The Public Defender welcomes the implementation of the recommendation by Ltd. Credo and hopes that he will be able to cooperate with the private sector to eliminate discrimination in the future too.

* The Public Defender addressed the microfinance organization Credo with a recommendation to eliminate discrimination on grounds of pregnancy in labor relations on 18 May, 2016. According to factual circumstances, the company did not extend labour relations with its employee on grounds of pregnancy after expiration of her labour contract term.

The Public Defender indicated in his recommendation that the disciplinary measure taken against the applicant was not justified and represented an artificial ground for refusing to extend a labour contract with her.

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