Meeting of Association of Mediterranean Ombudsman

On 9-10 March, 2016, Maka Stevenson, Head of the Department of Equality of the Public Defender’s Office took part in a meeting of the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmanin Malta. Representatives of France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries also took part in the meeting.

Strengthening of ombudsman’s institutions through deepening international cooperation, as well as the ombudsman’s role during political and economic crises, terrorism and illegal migration, was discussed at the meeting. Special attention was paid to the protection of the rights of children and persons killed during illegal migration.

The Association of Mediterranean Ombudsman, which unites 31 Mediterranean countries, was founded in 2008 and is aimed at promoting the rule of law, democracy and social peace in the region.

The meeting is held annually and it discusses human rights situations. Participants share their experiences with each other and make plans for cooperation.

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