Patrol Police Department of MIA does not Share Public Defender’s Recommendation

The Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not shared the Public Defender’s recommendation of July 17, 2015, regarding the legality of imposing an administrative penalty on citizen G.G. Information about the Public Defender's mentioned recommendation was posted on our official website on August 3 (see - Public Defender Addresses Director of Patrol Police Department with Recommendation).

The Patrol Police Department did not share the Public Defender’s position with regard to execution of the order on the administrative penalty. The Public Defender believes that during issuing an administrative law act that deprives a citizen of his right to drive, the Patrol Police Department must be guided by principles of general administrative code of Georgia and general formal rules of issue, delivery and execution of administrative law acts, together with the code of administrative violations, in order to ensure maximal protection of human rights.

The Public Defender of Georgia emphasized in his recommendation that restoration of citizen G.G.’s violated rights would be possible only though cancelation of the Patrol Police order on the administrative penalty, though the recommendation has not been shared by the administrative body.

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