Proposal of the Public Defender to the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia

On April 17, 2015, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal regarding launch of investigation on alleged fact of ill-treatment towards convict Sh. A.

According to the explanation of convict Sh. A., after his/her detention, namely, on April 10 and 11, 2015, he/she was repeatedly subjected to verbal and physical assault, both in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (located in Ortachala district of Tbilisi) and the penitentiary establishment N8 and convoy car as well.

As stated by convict Sh. A., individuals who participated in unlawful actions towards him included workers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, as well as personnel of the convoy service and the penitentiary establishment N8. According to the convict, he/she will be able to identify and recall names of the individuals involved in the actions.

On April 16, 2015, representatives of the Public Defender conducted partial visual examination of convict Sh. A. and damages revealed during it were dully recorded in a relevant protocol.

Information on numerous damages observed on the body of the convict were also registered in documents compiled in the establishments N7 and N8 of the Penitentiary Department which were acquired by representatives of the Public Defender.

The Public Defender called on the Chief Prosecution of Georgia to promptly launch investigation on the alleged fact of ill-treatment carried out towards Sh. A. and the investigation to be conducted by the Chief Prosecution of Georgia; to promptly conduct medical forensic examination to determine degree, nature, age, origin and development mechanism of the damages observed on Sh. A.’s body. Also, the Public Defender called on the investigative body to promptly extract video-recordings depicting the aforementioned fact.

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