Prosecutor's Office Considers Public Defender's Proposal concerning Domestic Violence

In accordance with the Public Defender's proposalof August 23, 2016, the Chief Prosecutor's Office informed us that on September 1, 2016, an investigation was launched into the case of domestic violence committed against a woman with disabilities. As a result of the investigative activities, Ts.C. was recognized as a victim and appropriate measures were taken for the protection of her health.

According to the applicant, she had been a victim of violence committed by his brother for years. She was subjected to physical and economic violence and neglect. Ts.C. was in need of specific treatment and hospitalization due to her health condition; however, due to the fact that the offender was enjoying her pension, she was not allowed to satisfy her needs.

It should be noted that prior to preparing a proposal, the Public Defender had sent messages to the Social Service Agency and territorial units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Social Service Agency confirmed the case of violence, including the alleged physical violence, but the law enforcement officers failed to identify the offence.

Conversation with the alleged offender, who, of course, was expected to deny the allegations, served as grounds for the police to establish that there had not been any fact of violence. Information possessed by the victim's neighbors, as well as the injuries of the victim of domestic violence, was left beyond the attention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Besides, it was not evident from the information provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs whether or not the victim was questioned. All this refers to the need for raising the skills of law enforcement officers in identification of cases of domestic violence committed against persons with disabilities.

The Public Defender of Georgia welcomes the effective and timely response of the Chief Prosecutor's Office that is important for the prevention of domestic violence.

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