Public Defender Addresses Constitutional Court as Amicus Curiae

On 29 July 2015 the Public Defender submitted an amicus brief to the Constitutional Court in connection with a constitutional complaint “Lali Lazarashvili v. the Parliament of Georgia".

The Public Defender believes that getting state compensations by only Constitutional Court judges and some of Supreme Court judges, as a result of suspension of authority based on personal applications, puts judges with the same statuses of the Supreme Court, the District (City) Court and the Court of Appeal in disadvantaged and unequal legal situation that does not have any reasonable or objective justification.

Use of different legislative regulations with judges of courts of different instances contradicts requirements of the universal norm-principle of equality guaranteed by article 14 of the Constitution of Georgia and is discriminatory by its essence.

The Public Defender considers it necessary to create a social protection system for judges, which would promote strengthening of independence of judicial system.

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