Public Defender Congratulates Population of Georgia on Abkhazian Language Day

October 27 is the Abkhazian Language Day and I want to congratulate the Abkhaz community and all Georgia on this day. According to the Constitution, Abkhazian is the second state language. More than 6 500 languages exist in the world, majority of which, according to UNESCO, are in danger of extinction. The Abkhazian Language was, unfortunately, put on that list in 2011.

As per the Georgian legislation and the international law, the Georgian state is obliged to protect, develop and promote all endangered languages on the territory of Georgia, including the Abkhazian language and cultural heritage. Despite many hindering circumstances, I think that more actions can be carried out to save and develop the Abkhazian language. Preferably, the Abkhazian language teaching must be promoted and a variety of programs must be carried out to protect and promote the Abkhazian language in the areas densely populated by Abkhazians or where the relevant demand exists.

I would like to take this opportunity and inform the public that the Abkhazian language was added to the working languages of the Public Defender's official website ​​and hence the Public Defender's activities will be regularly reported in the Abkhazian language. We hope that with this action we will contribute to the protection and development of the Abkhazian language.

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