Public Defender Invites UN Secretary General's Special Representative on Violence against Children

Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili sent a letter of invitation to UN Secretary General's Special Representative on Violence against Children Marta Santos Pais. The aim of the invitation is to study individual cases of violence against children and conditions of broader, systematic violations, their legal assessment and identification of response mechanisms.

The letter of invitation reviews child abuse issues, as well as its causes, such as the public idea that violent form is more effective educational measure and represents an acceptable disciplinary sentence; it also reviews the forms of violence that have been identified and generalized by the monitoring of the Public Defender's Office; among the forms of violence, bullying is dominating in educational institutions and homes; there is a growing trend of sexual abuse as well, methods of physical punishment is also frequent, including against children with disabilities and others.

The letter analyzes the inefficiency of fight against the problem by the state, especially by the law enforcement authorities, including the legislative shortcomings, limited access to psycho-social rehabilitation of victims of violence and other issues.

Special Rapporteur's visits to the country is an important tool, which allows the holder of the mandate to give an overall assessment of human rights situation and/or specific institutional, legal, judicial and administrative situation in the country. During the visit, he meets with the Government, non-governmental organizations, civil society representatives, as well as victims of human rights violations, the United Nations agencies in the country, representatives of academic, diplomatic circles and the media, in order to develop recommendations, which will be published as public reports.

Some of the holders of special procedure mandate also holds press conferences and publishes first assessments at the end of the visit to the country.

The Public Defender hopes that in case of successful cooperation with the UN Secretary General's Special Representative on Violence against Children, the efforts of the Government and other responsible parties will become more effective, which will be reflected in elimination of violence against children and creation of favorable conditions for their development in the country.

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