Public Defender Joins International Campaign MenCare

On July 8, 2016, Georgia’s Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the NGO WeCare initiated campaign MenCare. Presentation of the campaign was attended by Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili, who delivered a welcome speech at the event.

The Public Defender talked about the importance of gender equality and noted that fathers’ role in upbringing of children is invaluable, but the reality is that men are less and less involved in the process, and the established gender stereotypes and barriers contribute to their attitudes. The Public Defender expressed hope that the campaign will play a significant role in achieving positive changes.

"It is a great honor for me to join the campaign and to make my contribution as Public Defender, father and husband to achieving gender equality in the country", - said Nanuashvili.

The campaign aims to encourage men to be more involved as caring fathers and spouses in caring for health and well-being of the families, to stronger support equality of women and to equally share the housework.

MenCare is a global campaign, which is being actively implemented in more than 35 countries. The initiators of the campaign invite all the men who value gender equality, care, healthy environment and shared responsibilities.

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