Public Defender Launches Campaign against Release of Video Footage Showing Private Life

“Self-timer is turned on”

The Public Defender has launched information campaign - "Self-timer is turned on" against the release of the video footage showing private life.

The aim of the campaign is the investigating authorities to quickly and efficiently identify and punish those who illegally obtained/created and disseminated the video footage showing private life of one of the politicians on March 11, 2016, and the public to permanently receive information on the progress and the results of the investigation.
The public has a legitimate question, which should be answered by the state – “Who obtained and released the video footage showing private life and how to eliminate the risk of recurrence of similar incidents, which is being established as a successful practice of blackmailing and manipulating of certain members of the society.

In order to restore the society’s sense that private life is protected in the country and to eliminate the syndrome of impunity, it is necessary to effectively investigate each similar fact and to properly inform the public of the results of the investigation. Non-investigation of the recent similar incidents led to the establishment of the practice of rough interference with the private life.

By taking into view the legitimate necessity and particular interest of the society, the Public Defender starts counting days, hours and minutes from the moment of the commission of the crime - March 11, 2016, till the identification of the perpetrators. The public needs to be aware of who created and released the 11 March footage and what the progress of the investigation is.

The Public Defender will periodically remind the public and the investigating authorities of the investigation of the mentioned crime within the framework of the campaign.

The self-timer is turned on!


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