Public Defender Meets Chairperson of Supreme Court and High Council of Justice

On March 7, 2016, Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili and Deputy Public Defender Natia Katsitadze met with Nino Gvenetadze, Chairpersonof the Supreme Court and the High Council of Justice. The meeting discussed the current developments in the judicial system, the flaws mentioned in the Public Defender’s parliamentary reports with regard to the Government and the results of the implementation of the Public Defender’s recommendations.

The sides discussed the Public Defender’s proposal submitted to the Parliament with regard to the expansion of the authority of the Constitutional Court.

Nino Gvenetadze informed the Public Defender of the organizational and judicial activities, which were carried out during the investigation for the purpose of preparation of judicial system for enactment of new rules for questioning of witnesses. The Chairpersonof the Supreme Court and the High Council of Justice also spoke about the measures that are to be taken within the third phase of judicial reform.

In addition, the two sides discussed implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Supreme Court and the Public Defender, which provides for the establishment of high standards of protection of human rights, introduction of a uniform legal practice and raising awareness within the educational activities.

Nino Gvenetadze stressed the importance of Public Defender’s recommendations and reports in improving the quality of judiciary. The sides discussed future opportunities for close consultations and active cooperation in the field of judicial reform.

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