Public Defender Meets with Population of Samegrelo Region

On May 25-26, 2016, the Public Defender met with the local population of the villages of Tsalenjikha and Martvili municipalities and got information about their needs.

The meetings showed that the main problems of locals are social issues and poor infrastructure. Gasification is halted, the issue of resettlement of eco-migrants and IDPs is unsolved and conditions of socially vulnerable people are deplorable. The locals also demand the launch of efforts for bank protection.

The issue of drug supply is problematic in the majority of rural ambulatory centers; in case of emergency, doctors have to buy drugs themselves. Arrival of ambulances and transportation of patients is delayed due to damaged roads.

Most of the schools and kindergartens in the mentioned municipalities are in need rehabilitation. Infrastructure of educational institutions is out of order. Gyms do not operate in a number of schools, while the rest lack sports equipments.

Residents of the Tsalenjikha municipality told the Public Defender that a high-voltage electricity transmission lines are being installed near their houses and that despite their repeated request, they were not provided with information by the construction company about the impact of the lines on their health. They cannot get appropriate compensation either.

The Public Defender continues to study both individual and general problems of the region and will address relevant agencies with recommendations in the nearest future.

25.05.16 - 26.05.16

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