Public Defender Participates in Georgian-Abkhazian Meeting

Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili and representatives of the Public Defender's Office took part the Georgian-Abkhazianmeeting organized by the Council of Europe in Budapest, Hungary, on March 1-3, 2017. The meeting was aimed at exchanging information and discussing the human rights situation of the conflict-affected population.

The meeting was attended by Georgian and Abkhaz specialists working on human rights in the penitentiary system. The following topics were discussed: the rights situation of vulnerable groups, in particular, juveniles, minorities and persons with disabilities, in the penitentiary institutions, as well as the importance of rehabilitation-resocialization programs for them. Participants of the meeting were also familiarized with the rehabilitation programs of one of the women’s facilities of Hungary and the activities of the Hungarian National Prevention Mechanism.

This format of the dialogue, created by the efforts of the Public Defender's Office and the support of the Council of Europe, has been effective since 2014 and includes a regular cycle of meetings. It is being implemented within the confidence-building initiatives of the Council of Europe Directorate of Political Affairs and is aimed at restoring cooperation and dialogue between the societies split by conflicts.

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