Public Defender Representatives Visited Families Afflicted by the Disaster

On June 16-17, 2015, representatives of the Public Defender visited 11 buildings in Tbilisi where families afflicted by the natural disaster that occurred in Tbilisi are housed. During the visits, enquiries were made among injured population, as well as representatives of Tbilisi City Hall, Vake district municipality and various government agencies. A positive assessment should be given to the issue of addressing basic needs of afflicted households - they are provided with shelter, food and clothing. The above has been achieved through joint efforts of the state and the society. In these difficult days, the society showed strong solidarity and active support towards the victims that is great indeed.

Simultaneously, we should note that victims experience lack of information as to when, where and how their settlement will be after they leave hotel accommodation. In separate cases their needs were revealed mainly in healthcare sphere. The Public Defender’s Office has already provided the said information to responsible bodies. We express hope that they will timely respond to them will be conducted for addressing these issues.

The Public Defender continues monitoring ongoing tendencies and will periodically provide relevant information to the society.

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