Public Defender Resonates to Recent Developments

The Public Defender is responding to the recent developments of Georgia. First of all, it is important all parties to realize their responsibilities in this tense situation and to refrain from making the kind of statements that may lead to more escalation, violence and aggression.

Senior officials should show particular caution in this process.

The Prime Minister's statement made on October 22 casts doubt on the effectiveness and impartiality of the investigation into the cases of torture videos and Nika Gvaramia’s statement. In particular, the Prime Minister said that Nika Gvaramia’s statement looked like a provocation at first glance, while the torture videos were released by the United National Movement. Similar statements undermine trust in the ongoing investigation given that independence of the prosecutor's office from the ruling political team is not properly ensured.

In addition, it is not appropriate for a highest official to make any kind of call to the court. In particular, on October 22 the President called on the judge considering the Rustavi 2 case not to make a tough decision.

It should be noted that in the recent days various illegal actions have been committed near the United National Movement offices across the country. According to the reports spread on October 22, investigation was launched with regard to Lado Sadgobelashvili’s call for violence posted on Facebook, which is welcome. It is important the law enforcement agencies not to create the sense of impunity, to timely react to each allegation of this kind and thus to prevent their future recurrence.

I repeat once again that any call for violence is unacceptable and I urge everyone to refrain from making similar statements.

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