Public Defender Responds to Dedoplistkaro Incident

The Public Defender of Georgia expresses concern about the firing of the Dedoplistkaro office of the political union - United National Movement. According to media reports, last night about 30 shots were fired at the building of the office. As it turns out, the building is also a place for the bureau of Dedoplistkaro majoritarian MP Zaza Kedelashvili. Investigation has been launched under article 187 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, pertaining to damage to or destruction of property.

Attention should be paid to the fact that illegal activities against the United National Movement offices were carried out across the country in October too, though, a violent action of these scales has occurred for the first time. The Public Defender has repeatedly underlined that it is important the law enforcement agencies to prevent the sense of impunity in the society, as well as to have a timely response to each of similar violations and in this way to prevent the possibility of their future recurrence.

The Public Defender calls on the law enforcement authorities to conduct a prompt and effective investigation into all the violent incidents targeting the United National Movement offices. At the same time, it is important to ascertain whether these actions were committed on grounds of hate. The investigative authorities must reveal and punish all perpetrators in the shortest time. The Public Defender will monitor the effectiveness of the investigation on his own initiative.

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