Public Defender's Proposal to Chief Prosecutor

On 30 July 2015 the Public Defender addressed the Chief Prosecutor with a proposal to launch investigation into an alleged ill-treatment of inmates D.K. and B.K. in the penitentiary establishment N7 of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance.

According to the inmates, on 27 July 2015 they were in a hunger strikers’ cell of the penitentiary establishment N7. The convicts covered a surveillance camera in the cell with a rag as a sign of protest due to their poor health conditions and a delayed response from medical personnel. Following the fact, a legal regime prison officer and a security chief entered the cell and abused the inmates verbally and physically.

According to B.K., he lost the ability to move independently, and respectively, demanded a wheelchair due to his poor health and grave conditions in the penitentiary establishment N7. He alleges he received injuries to the head and ribs as a result of physical pressure from the prison officers.

Inspection by Public Defender's authorized representatives revealed the following injuries on the defendants’ bodies: Inflammation and swelling around D.K.’s right eye, as well as lacerations to the flesh of his right forearm; a broken left eyebrow and damage to the left wrist of B.K.

The Public Defender calls on the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to: immediately launch investigation into the alleged fact of ill-treatment; timely conduct forensic examination to establish degree, nature, age, origin and development mechanism of D.K. and B.K.’s body injuries; timely seize the video tape showing the above-mentioned incident.

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