Public Defender's Proposal to Chief Prosecutor regarding Launch of Probe into Alleged Ill-treatment of Defendant

On September 26, 2017, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal to launch an investigation into the alleged ill-treatment of defendant S.M. by policemen.

The defendant said at the meeting with the Public Defender’s representatives at the Tbilisi temporary detention isolator and penitentiary establishment No 8 that after his detention on September 22, 2017, police officers used violence against him in a police station in order to make him plead guilty. Initially he was hit in the head and then his head was covered with a plastic bag so that he could hardly breathe. The bag was removed only after he agreed to plead guilty and sign a relevant protocol. According to him, a policeman was hitting him in his head with shoes. He was also verbally abused and threatened with raping of his family members. Finally, he lost consciousness during beating.

In the temporary detention isolator, as well as during placement in the penitentiary establishment No 8, the defendant had injuries. According to him, during describing his injuries in the temporary detention isolator, he refused to provide the cause of injuries in writing due to fear. In addition, S.M. said that he had talked about the violence carried out against him in the police station in the Tbilisi City Court.

The Public Defender of Georgia considers that an investigation of the alleged ill-treatment of the defendant should be immediately launched and effectively conducted by the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. In addition, forensic medical examination should be appointed and conducted in order to identify the injuries and to determine their origin and length.

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