Public Defender’s Recommendation on Unhindered Enjoyment of Parking Spaces by Persons with Disabilities

On December 5, 2017, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the municipalcouncils of Batumi, Poti, Gori and Zugdidi with regard to unhindered enjoymentof parking spaces by persons with disabilities.

As a result of studying the issue,it has been found out that the parking rules for persons with disabilities are regulated by specific acts only in several self-governing entities and the regulations contain gaps. In particular, person with disabilities are required to have a special card in order to enjoy spaces intended for them, but the regulations do not specify the agency responsible for issuing such cards. In addition, the parking rules do not make it clear whether all persons with disabilities can get the mentioned cards, regardless of the degree of disabilities and/or whether they own the vehicles used by them.

The Public Defender recommends to: 1. Determine an agency responsible for issuing disability cards; 2. Allow both persons with severe disabilities and persons with significant disabilities to get the mentioned cards; 3. Allow persons with disabilities to use the card for any vehicle, regardless of whether they own it or not; 4. Ensure that the cards issued by other municipalities are used by persons with disabilities without any obstacle in their municipalities too.

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