Public Defender's Statement

The Public Defender responds to the statement made this evening by Rustavi 2 Director General Nika Gvaramia. In particular, according to Gvaramia, a few hours ago a governmental middleman told him in the Rustavi 2 building that the legal dispute over Rustavi 2 had already been resolved in advance. Gvaramia said that the same person told him not to show activeness in this process and reminded him that his family members were in Georgia. In addition, the middleman threatened to release secretly-recorded videos and audios in case of any undesirable action from his side.

As is known, the Prosecutor's Office launched a probe into the act of violence against Nika Gvaramia. It is important that the investigation be conducted impartially, thoroughly, quickly and effectively, while considering the high public interest, it is important that the office periodically release information about the progress of the investigation. The Public Defender will observe the process and hopes that the Prosecutor's Office will use all available means to ensure proper investigation.

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