Public Defender's Statement on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day

November 29 is the International Women Human Defenders Day, which has been celebrated since 2004 to honor the efforts and achievements of women human rights defenders. The Public Defender of Georgia joins the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day and congratulates women human rights activists both inside and outside Georgia on this important day.

Women human rights defenders have a very important role in Georgia, as in most cases they represent a hope for many people to achieve justice. It should be particularly emphasized that they work in a situation where violence against women and domestic violence are still high, early marriage is a widespread practice, women are not involved in the decision-making processes and LGBT people often become victims of discriminatory treatment.

Taking into consideration all this, women human rights defenders have a great responsibility as they constantly advocate the issues that still cause inconvenience and contradiction in some groups of the society. Consequently, Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili expresses gratitude to the activists who often suffer violence and various forms of discrimination, but still struggle to protect human rights.

It is welcome that celebration of this day is associated with the name of Georgian feminist and activist Kato Mikeladze. Women's Fund has established an annual award in Georgia in 2013, aiming to recognize and appreciate women human rights defenders, as well as to introduce them to the wider public and support their efforts.

Last year Kato Mikeladze Award was given to Deputy Public Defender Ekaterine Skhiladze, who has been working on women's rights and gender equality for many years. The money she received as an award was spent on the opening of a library in the Kvareli municipality.

This year's award is intended for activists living in the region, who work on women's rights and gender equality issues.

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