Public Defender's Statement on Pre-election Advertising of Political Party - Cone

The Public Defender is echoing a pre-electionadvertisingof the New Political Center - Cone. According to the content of the advertising, it is important young voters to take part in elections, as earlier election programs of other political parties had been adjusted to the interests of older people, which is unpopular choice for the country.

The Public Defender considers that similar attitude promotes strengthening of stereotypical attitudes towards older people, which are frequently suffering from unequal treatment. This approach encourages negative stereotypes with regard to participation of older people in public life and creates a danger that in the future they will be subjected to discrimination due to their age in various fields.

The Public Defender thinks it is necessary to prevent the use of the kind of methods in the pre-election campaign that encourage discriminatory treatment of certain groups. Accordingly, the Public Defender calls on the New Political Center – Cone to remove the advertising containing stereotypes from the Internet.

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