Public Defender's Statement on Release of Video Footage Showing Private Life

According to media reports, on March 11, 2016, video footage showing private life of one of the opposition politicians was released on the internet. Such a high intensity of violation of the right to private life is alarming. It is also worrying that half a year is left before the elections and the spread of illegal secret videos about opposition politicians have again become active. Unfortunately, the public has not seen any results of the investigation of a number of similar cases. I hope that the Prosecutor's Office will promptly investigate these crimes; the guilty persons will be revealed and duly punished.

It should become clear that illegal dissemination of information on private lives is a criminal offense and its perpetrators will not go unpunished, which will reduce the repetition of similar crimes in the future. It is also important the media to cover similar crimes with special carefulness and not to make the violation of the right to privacy of greater scales.

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