Public Defender's Statement on Resettlement of IDPs Living in Shaky Buildings

The Public Defender has been talking about poor living conditions of internally displaced persons for years. Annual parliamentary reports permanently provide information about the particularly vulnerable facilities where residents’ life and health are under increased danger.

The Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, with the engagement of the Public Defender, is now considering the long-term resettlement of IDPs in Tbilisi, including resettlement of the IDPs living in shaky buildings[1]. Reports were prepared about the shaky facilities reflected in the Public Defender's annual parliamentary report on the initiative of the Ministry. According to these documents, technical conditions of 14 facilities in Tbilisi are not satisfactory (IDPs have been resettled from 2 out of these facilities, according to information provided by the Ministry).

In compliance with the order N320 issued by the Minister of Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees on 9 August 2013 (article 4, paragraph 8, "a" subparagraph), in the process of transferring living units to IDPs, the commission working on IDPs’ issues is authorized to give advantage to families living in facilities containing increased risk to their health or life. The commission also considers the issue of providing temporary accommodations to these families, including providing money for rent payment.

The Public Defender hopes that the Ministry will timely consider the issue of providing long-term or temporary accommodations to IDPs and will make a decision ensuring their safety and decent living conditions.

[1] Refers to living units transferred to legal ownership in former IDPs’ settlements, which contain increased threats to life or health.

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