Public Defender’s Statement on Situation in Tbilisi’s Pre-school Educational Institutions

The Public Defender of Georgia calls on the relevant state and local self-government bodies to take immediate measures to improve the rights of children in pre-school institutions, increase the access to preschool education and the number of personnel in the institutions.

On September 26-27, 2017, representatives of the Public Defender of Georgia monitored pre-school educational institutions[1] of Tbilisi and found that an excessive number of children, lack of staff (caretakers and teachers) and insufficient number of bedrooms are special problems there.

The number of children in some groups reaches 60-65 and exceeds the established standards; insufficient quantity of beds is also a problem in some groups, due to which, in some cases, parents have to take children home early or several children have to sleep in one bed.

Interview with representatives of kindergartens showed that there is no systemic approach to solving the problem. The majority of teachers and principals consider non-attendance of children as one of the solutions to the problem.

It is noteworthy that availability of preschools is one of the fundamental rights of the child and the quality realization of this right is important for the child's physical security, psycho-emotional state and development.

The Public Defender of Georgia requested enactment of the Law on Early and Pre-school Education in his recommendation issued in 2016. The law has partially taken effect, though the article, according to which the maximum number of children should be 20-25 in groups has been is postponed until 2020.

[1] Non-commercial legal entity - Tbilisi Kindergarten N206, non-commercial legal entity - Tbilisi Kindergarten N128 Kindergarten, non-commercial legal entity - Tbilisi Kindergarten N56, non-commercial legal entity - Tbilisi Kindergarten N24, non-commercial legal entity - Kindergarten N72.

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