Public Defender’s Visit to Ukraine

October 21-22, 2015, the Public Defender of Georgia participated in the international conference on the role of national human rights institutions in conflict and post-conflict situations. The conference was held in Ukraine.

In his speech delivered at the conference, the Public Defender emphasized the necessity of the engagement of national human rights institutions in the peaceful resolution of conflicts and prevention of human rights violations. The Public Defender focused on the needs of persons living in the conflict regions and spoke about the practice used by the Public Defender's Office of Georgia for communicating with the civil society and human rights organizations in the conflict regions.

Ucha Nanuashvili said that blatant violation of property rights of conflict-affected persons, the state of IDPs, security of people living in the conflict zones and engagement of the society in the conflict resolution policy remain to be major challenges. "Conflict resolution policy should be based, above all, on the protection of the rights of affected population. Agendas of all formal or informal dialogue should be focused on the protection of human rights and should not be politicized", - said the Public Defender.

The international conference was organized by Ukraine’s Ombudsperson and the United Nations Development Programme. The event was attended by ombudspersons and representatives of international and non-governmental organizations from about 20 countries.

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