Recommendation to Co-Chairmen of Temporary State Commission Addressing the Needs of Population Living in Villages Adjacent to Dividing line

On July 8, 2016, the Public Defender addressed the Temporary State Commission Addressing the Needs of the Population Living in the Villages Adjacent to the Dividing line with a recommendationtoreviewthe issue onallocation of finances for restoration of G.K.’s houseand make a relevant decisionin the shortest possible time.

According to applicant G.K., his house, located near the dividing line in the village of Chvrinisi, Kareli municipality, was seriously damaged by several shells during the 2008 war. The fact was confirmed by the visual geological evaluation made by the National Environmental Agency on February 17, 2015.

The applicant says he had repeatedly appealed to the local authorities with a request to restore the house, but no funds have been allocated for it from the Kareli district budget since 2009.

The Public Defender addressed the Kareli district governor to provide information about the implemented and planned activities for restoration/rehabilitation of the house. The Public Defender was informed that the local budget allocates funds only for the damage caused by this year’s disaster and therefore, the applicant’s demands cannot be satisfied.

The right to adequate housing is recognized and guaranteed by a number of international conventions, including Article 11 of the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights. This article, by the explanation of the Committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, pertains to the right to have a safe and secure place to live in peace and dignity.

It is necessary to allocate funds for restoration of G.K.’s house in the shortest period of time in order to ensure that the applicant and his family are not left without adequate housing, which would be a violation of their rights and a serious burden to the state.

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