Recommendation to Technical University concerning Direct Discrimination

On December 7, 2017, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Georgian Technical University with a recommendation concerning direct discrimination on the ground of different opinion.

A labour contract was not extended with one of the senior teachers of the Georgian Technical University, whose qualifications had never been challenged. The applicant explains the abovementioned by his/her participation in the protests launched in the university in April 2016, where he/she protested against the low level of teaching at the university and legitimization of the rector's reelection.

In the course of studying the case, the respondent failed to provide justifying grounds that would dissipate suspicions based on the information provided by the applicant with regard to the discriminatory actions.

The Public Defender found that there had been direct discrimination on the ground of different opinion and called on the Technical University to eliminate the consequences of the discriminatory treatment by reinstating the applicant to his/her position, as well as to refrain from discriminatory treatment due to different opinion or on other grounds in the labour relations and observe the principle of equality in its future activities.

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