Public Defender Echoes Involvement of Children in Public Addresses, Media and Video Materials Released via Social Networks

The Public Defender emphasizes that the safety and best interests of children are the highest interest, the protection of which is the responsibility of every member of the society, including during the enjoyment of freedom of expression.

It is not allowed to involve children, or excerpts of public stories with their participation, in public addresses, media or video materials released via social networks, which serve to introduce aggression and inadmissibility towards a specific group.

This is clearly against children’s rights and interests. This may pose a threat to both the physical and emotional well-being and safety of children.

We call on each responsible agency to respond promptly and effectively to individual cases.

In addition to the reactive response, it is important to promote the creation of a non-violent environment adapted to the best interests of the child in the country through a coordinated inter-agency response, including by raising public awareness, sensitivity and civic responsibility.

The Public Defender is involved both in the process of studying individual cases of alleged violation of child's rights, as well as in the process of working on systemic issues, and uses all the available response mechanisms in order to protect the rights of the child.

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