Public Defender to Study Situation in Quarantine Spaces

If you or your acquaintance are currently in the quarantine zone and have a desire and time to provide us with information about the above issues, please send us your contact information. Interviews with the National Preventive Mechanism are confidential.

Special quarantine spaces have been created for the mandatory placement of people there, in order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. As of today, more than 5,000 people are in the quarantine zone. Within the framework of the National Preventive Mechanism, we want to study conditions in the quarantine spaces, provision of health care services (including psychological service), standards of human rights, needs of vulnerable groups and implementation of other important guarantees in practice. The purpose of the monitoring is to identify individual needs in a timely manner and to provide information to the state agencies so that they address the issues.

Contact information:

Phone: 591 90 33 22 (Khatia Kheladze)



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