Public Defender’s Office Responds to Statements against Children’s Rights and Interests

The Public Defender’s Office of Georgia echoes the recent statements made during the political debate that allegedly took place in the Parliament of Georgia, as well as the statements made in public, which clearly contradict children’s rights and interests.

We would like to emphasize that children are independent individuals with rights and not passive objects. It is absolutely unacceptable in any political discourse to single out children on the grounds of their families or other characteristics, which may endanger their psycho-emotional condition and safety, and even incite possible oppression among children.

Each politician, especially each MP, within the scope of his/her mandate, has an obligation to contribute to the creation of a non-violent environment in the country, tailored to the best interests of the child.

We call on everyone, including MPs, to show high responsibility during political discussions, not to allow referring to each other's family members, including minors, in a negative context, and to be the guarantor of the protection of the rights of each child.

In addition, we call on the Parliament of Georgia to activate Ethics Council in order to study, monitor and effectively respond to the violations under the Code of Ethics for Members of Parliament.

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