Public Defender’s Office Monitors Assembly

The Public Defender’s Office was actively monitoring the April 28 assembly held in front of the Parliament of Georgia. Public Defender’s representatives were trying to establish the location of persons detained at the rally throughout the night, in order to study the conditions of their detention and their physical condition.

The Public Defender’s representatives visited Aleksi Petriashvili in the Digomi detention center, who asked the Public Defender’s Office to study the issue of his arrest within the scope of its authority and help in archiving the arrest footage. It should be noted that Aleksi Petriashvili does not have any physical injuries.

The Public Defender reminds you once again that the hotline of the Office - 14 81 - works 24 hours in order to receive notifications relating to rights violations.

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)