Employees of Public Defender's Office Obliged to Submit Covid Document

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus and the severe epidemiological situation, which poses a serious threat to human health and life individually and collectively, and in order to create a safe environment in the Public Defender's Office and to protect those with whom the employees of the Office interact, the Public Defender of Georgia made a decision to oblige employees to submit a Covid document.

According to the Public Defender’s order, all employees of the Public Defender's Office will be obliged to submit a document confirming full vaccination or, a negative result of the PCR test once a week, at their own expense.

An employee of the Public Defender's Office will not be allowed to work inside or outside the Office (unless he/she works remotely) without a Covid document, while the refusal to go to the Office or fulfil his/her official duties will not be justified.

As an exception, employees who have a medical contraindication or temporary contraindication to the vaccine due to their health condition (including the post-Covid 19 period) must submit a document issued by a doctor confirming the impossibility of vaccination. In this case, the Public Defender's Office, depending on the specifics of the position held by the employee and the needs of the Office, will consider a different work regime for the employee, or during the period of temporary contraindication, will fund the PCR testing for him/her.

It should also be noted that as of August 27, 80% of the staff of the Public Defender's Office have been vaccinated.

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