Public Defender’s Representatives Visit Two Detained Protesters in Penitentiary Establishment No. 8

Representatives of the Public Defender of Georgia visited two detained protesters in Penitentiary Establishment No. 8, after information was publicly spread about their ill-treatment earlier today.

As soon as the reports were spread, the Public Defender’s Office clarified the details of the reports. After this, representatives of the Public Defender immediately met with the named persons in order to get information about their rights situation and conditions.

One of them pointed out that after being placed in the institution, he was housed in a cell together with four other prisoners, with whom he had incompatibility due to political views and they often argued. There was no verbal or physical abuse. On May 28, he asked the employee of the institution to change his cell, which was granted, and on the same day he was moved to another cell, where he feels well and safe. At this stage, he has no complaints.

The second detainee explained that after being placed in the penitentiary institution, he had some problems and arguments, although the issue has already been resolved. According to him, due to being nervous, he tried to swallow a razor, but he later changed his mind. He explained that he had a consultation with a psychologist and he evaluated the consultation positively. He again wants a repeated consultation, for which the Office will apply to the Special Penitentiary Service.

The Public Defender’s Office has already informed the lawyer of the detainees about the results of the visit.

The Office is ready to take immediate action against any violation of rights, including alleged violations of the rights of prisoners.

In case of violation of rights, you can contact the hotline of the Public Defender - 14 81.

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