Public Defender Visits Social Housing of Ozurgeti Municipality

On September 9, 2023, the Public Defender of Georgia visited the social housing of Ozurgeti municipality.

The main problem in the facilities located in Ozurgeti and the village of Meria is the malfunctioning of the sewage system. In addition, the basements get flooded as a result of rain and the living rooms, where small children with asthma live, get damped due to the damaged facades.

Persons with disabilities also live in the facilities, although neither internal nor external perimeter of the buildings is adapted to their needs.

War veterans, older people, as well as persons without documents, who cannot enjoy state services, have been living in the Ozurgeti housing in extreme poverty for years.

According to the Public Defender, the issue of social housing is acute in our country, and it is important for the State to respond to this challenge in a timely manner.

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