Public Defender Meets with Residents of Villages Located along Occupation Line

On May 16, 2024, Public Defender Levan Ioseliani visited the villages located near the occupation line of Gori municipality and met the residents of Plavi, Plavismani, Karbi and Mereti.

The basic and main problem of the villages is migration. Every year schools and kindergartens are becoming emptier. The population asks the authorities to create necessary infrastructural conditions, including to open a culture house and various service centers.

All the villages are suffering from the lack of jobs, due to which unemployment is high. Internal roads need rehabilitation.

Residents of the village of Karbi are demanding the opening of an outpatient clinic. The school provides only 9 grades of education and senior students have to go to the neighboring village.

The population also talked about personal issues, which the Office will definitely study.

The Public Defender intensively meets the residents of the villages located along the occupation line and provides information about their problems to the relevant agencies of the central government and local self-governments.

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