Public Defender's Statement on World Down Syndrome Day

The World Down Syndrome Day is marked on March 21. Campaigns are held in various countries to raise awareness of the rights of the persons with Down's syndrome and to advocate them.

This year's information campaign, the theme of which is - MyVoiceMyCommunity, allows people with Down syndrome to speak up, be heard and influence government policy and action, to be fully included in the community.

It is important the state to care for the realization of the rights of people with Down syndrome from an early age, creation of services necessary for them, promotion of independent living and availability of social/healthcare programs and quality inclusive education.

The agenda of Georgia includes the strengthening of the families of children with Down syndrome, as they are often at risk of abandonment. In addition, the persons placed in state care institutions or other services still cannot receive proper support. The public stigma and wrong attitude prevents people with Down syndrome from enjoying their opportunities and effectively participating in the processes ongoing in the country. Despite the fact that the voice of people with Down syndrome is becoming stronger in Georgia, the state efforts to satisfy their needs and interests are not sufficient.

The Public Defender once again reminds the state of its role and functions and calls on it to respond to the voice of people with Down syndrome and to ensure their equal engagement in the state and public life through taking appropriate measures.

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