Special Penitentiary Service Takes into Account Public Defender’s Proposal

The Special Penitentiary Service considered the proposal of the Public Defender and took legal measures against specific employees of the institution.

The results of the examination conducted by the Public Defender’s Office make it clear that after convict N.M. was transferred to the de-escalation room, the penitentiary staff on duty entered incorrect information about the condition of the prisoner in specific time periods in the relevant documents.

In particular, as a result of checking video recordings, it was established that in particular episodes, when the convicted person was calm and there was no any action, speech, anxiety or any other type of behavior that indicated that he might be a threat to his own or others’ life or/and health, the penitentiary staff indicated in the documentation that the prisoner was "agitated", "aggressive" or "threatened to harm himself". However, the video recordings make it clear that not a single employee of the facility had visited the de-escalation room, even formally, and visually observed/checked the convict.

Accordingly, the Public Defender requested to take legal measures against the named authorized persons.

The sub-agencyof the Ministry of Justice - the Special Penitentiary Service took into account the proposal of the Public Defender.

The Public Defender’s Office will continue to actively monitor the protection of the rights of accused and convicted persons and will use all the mechanisms in accordance with its mandate to improve prisoners’s rights situation.

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