Statement of the Public Defender regarding International Day for Protection of Children

June 1 is International Day for Protection of Children. The Public Defender of Georgia congratulates all minors living in Georgia with this day and wishes them to live in decent environment that is adequate to their development and free of violence, poverty and inadequate level of living.

International Day for Protection of Children and its roots go back to 1925, to the time of the World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children held in Geneva. And since 1950 it has been marked across the world.

In accordance with the principles proclaimed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child and the UN Charter, recognition and protection of inherent dignity of the child, their equal and inalienable rights are bases for ensuring democracy, freedom, justice and peace in the country.

Activities conducted by the Public Defender and his office showed that the international and European standards of protection of children’s rights are not yet adequately realized in Georgia.

Insufficient response on the part of government agencies to facts of violence and other types of ill-treatment towards children, increase of offences against sexual freedom and inviolability, alarmingly high rate of infant mortality and suicide among minors, accessibility of the right of minors to healthcare, provision for needs of children, including minors with disabilities, in the mountainous religions, integration of children living and working on streets into the society and conduction of systemic and large-scale government services aimed at protection of their rights still remain a problem in our country.

Despite numerous requests of the Public Defender, the process of signing and ratification of the Third Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child “On a communications procedure” has not yet been completed. It should be noted that this protocol represents an effective procedure mechanism for protection of rights of minors through internationals legal instruments.

The Public Defender of Georgia calls on agencies responsible for protection of rights and freedoms of the child to unwaveringly fulfill obligations assumed under international and national legal instruments and to direct their utmost attention towards providing for best interests of minors when conducting their activities.

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