Statement of the Public Defender regarding International Women’s Day

Congratulations to all of Georgia with International Women’s Day - the day that relates to issues of protection of women’s labour rights, supporting women’s participation in the decision-making process and fight for elimination of violence. The history of celebrating March 8 counts 105 years and its establishment was based on ideas such as better remuneration for women, professional education, elimination of workplace discrimination and supporting women’s participation at the decision-making level – ideas that even today still remain acute.

I have been thinking for a long time how to congratulate with the women’s day taking into account women’s rights situation in Georgia when women’s voice still are not heard when decisions are made, when they experience violence and in some cases we even failed to protect their right to life. It is why I do not want to use pretty phrases and words you have heard so often before. I would like my congratulations to be honest and to wish you realization of your abilities, strength, equal participation in the decision-making and defeating violence. I congratulate you with this day with a great hope that next year women will be in the mood to celebrate and receive congratulations.

I would like to offer special congratulations to migrant women who have undertaken a heavy burden of financially providing for their families in Georgia; women prisoners who have been outcast from the society and need our support; refugee and internally displaced women who had to leave their houses and today they are left just with social benefits to rely on; women with disabilities who, on a daily basis, are experiencing unequal treatment and their potential is lost in stigmas; women living in violence whom we left alone face to face with violence and who need our help; activists and human rights defender women who at the expense of their health and resources, are fighting to protect women’s rights on a daily basis. I congratulate all women of Georgia with this day.

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