Statement on Mother's Day

I congratulate all Georgia on the Mother's Day, which is a day of expression of respect and love. The contribution of mothers is invaluable to the upbringing and development of future generations and it is important for all of us to understand that this is an equal responsibility both for the parents and for the state.

Unfortunately, protection of women's rights and gender equality are still problems in Georgia. Mothers have special needs in light of the existing challenges; they often have to care for their children alone due to stereotypical beliefs or harmful practices.

It is important to understand that Georgia has a lot of mothers, who need proper social services and support from the state. That's why I want to particularly congratulate today to mothers, who despite their contributions, do not participate in the country's political and social life; migrant and self-employed mothers, as well as those living in poverty, who care for their children in a special way, however, often remain without attention; mothers of children with disabilities and special needs, who have to encounter unfriendly services every day; inmate mothers, whose reintegration into society and relationship with children are often hampered by the existing stigma and barriers.

The state is obliged to promote proper understanding of motherhood as a social function and recognition of common responsibilities of parents in the upbringing and development of children. Unfortunately, the lack of effective steps in this direction conditions reduction of women’s role to only reproductive function, which, in turn, prevents women’s participation in public and political life. In order to eliminate the problems, I call on the Government to launch relevant procedures to ratify the 183rd Maternity Protection Convention of the International Labour Organization.

Finally, I once again express the hope that the state will turn the improvement of the situation of women's rights into a subject of special care, since equal rights and opportunities are the biggest gift and congratulations for each person.

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