Public Defender's Information Campaign - Society against Torture

A lot has been done by the state to prevent ill-treatment and torture of citizens, or violation of their rights by law enforcement officers in recent years. However, a lot of efforts are still needed to ensure that Georgia occupies a decent place in the European community.

In order to combat the ill-treatment of citizens by law enforcers, the Public Defender of Georgia launched an informational campaign Society against Torture, within the framework of which, a civilian network of protection of victims of ill-treatment will be set up; meetings are scheduled with professionals, stakeholders, etc; informational video will be prepared.

No real results have been achieved in the investigations of 60 cases, which were launched at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office at the Public Defender’s request in the last three years. Violations of law by law enforcement agencies are frequent and so are the complaints of citizens.

The mentioned situation indicates a serious shortcoming in the existing investigative system and the necessity to carry out fundamental reforms. A truly independent service should be established to investigate offenses committed by law enforcement officers. It is noteworthy that establishment of such an investigative mechanism has been one of the main recommendations of the Public Defender since 2014.

According to the Public Defender, we should promote establishment of a society where torture and ill-treatment are unjustified, inadmissible and strictly punishable; a society where duties are performed with high professionalism and treatment of human beings is based on dignity; a society with appropriate security guarantees, effective state and public control.

Prevention of torture and other ill-treatment should be one of the priorities of the state policy. However, prevention should not be limited only to responding to the cases of torture and other ill-treatment. It is necessary to reduce the risks of crime (impunity, lack of adequate safeguards against torture, low professionalism of law enforcement officers, lack of accountability, poor working conditions, less transparency of institutions, etc.)

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