The Statement of the Public Defender of Georgia on the Stigmatic Image in the KFC Advertisement

The Public Defender of Georgia expresses his concern about the advertisement of the fast food company “KFC”, published on its Georgian page of the social net – “Facebook”, which carries a stigma and is offensive towards the persons with mental disabilities.

The persons with disabilities, including those with mental disabilities, represent a marginalized group in Georgia. The stigmatized and stereotypical attitude towards them is deeply rooted in society, which often makes them the subject to discrimination in enjoying their fundamental human rights and freedoms. Thereby, it is especially important that the promotional products do not further strengthen the stereotypes in society, or promote harassment and isolation of the persons with mental disabilities.

The Public Defender of Georgia calls on the above mentioned company to withhold the advertisement image. Herewith, all private or public institutions in Georgia shall refrain from the dissemination of the products carrying a stigma and a discriminatory attitude towards the persons with disabilities. Moreover, they shall prove their high social responsibility; promote the access of PWDs to the enjoyment of their rights and services and take measures for reasonable adaptation of environment and service conditions.

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