Training for Public Defender's Staff and Special Preventive Group Members

On May 7-8, 2016, training was held for the staff of the Public Defender's Department of Criminal Justice, the Department of Prevention and Monitoring, the Regional Department and members of the Special Preventive Group within the framework of the EU project "Support to the Public Defender II". The aim of the training was to review international standards and practices of documenting bodily injuries.

The training was led by the member of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, expert George Alempievich. Methods of torture, documentation of injuries in compliance with the Istanbul Protocol, documentation of medical evidences and European standards of reporting were discussed at the meeting. The participants did practical exercises as well.

Ascertaining the causes of injuries during the monitoring of the Special Preventive Group in the closed institutions, as well as the issue of reporting, was also discussed at the meeting.

07.06.16 - 08.06.16

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