Training Held for the Staff of the Public Defender’s Office on the Right to Property

On April 3-4, 2015, training was held for the staff of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia on the issues of the right to property. The training encompassed such issues as: problems related to transfer of assets by owners to the state for free or in exchange for a nominal sum and current court practice, legislation on seizure of assets - expropriation and court practice, problems related to registration of real estate property right, issues of property rights overlap, etc. Over the years, as well as in 2014, the number of persons applying to the Public Defender’s Office has been high with regards to the above issues; therefore training was conducted in an interactive environment.

The training was moderated by Judge of Tbilisi Court of Appeal Natia Gujabidze, Head of the Division of Court Relations of the Juridical Department of the National Agency of Public Registry Vanda Jejelava and Head of the Division of Administrative Proceedings of the same department Vakhtang Bokhashvili. The above-mentioned training was financially supported in the framework of the EU Project “Support to the Public Defender’s Office“.

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
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