Training of Human Rights Academy of Public Defender for Defense Ministry Staff

On June 21-24, 2016, the Human Rights Academy of the Public Defender held training for 25 military servants and lawyers of the Ministry of Defense on the theme: human rights in the military service.

The training program included both theoretical and practical elements. The course was aimed at raising participants’ awareness of human rights. During the course, participants were introduced to topics, such as international human rights law, civil and political rights, the rule of law, citizens in military uniforms, illegal orders and their consequences, relation between the humanitarian law and human rights, disciplinary responsibilities in the armed forces, leader’s role and management methods, timely detection and prevention of ill-treatment, women in military uniforms, protection of minority rights in the armed forces, democratic control and good faith raising in the armed forces, good faith raising in the Defense Ministry, explanation of the concept and relevant practice in the western democracies, the defense sector of Georgia and the initiative of protection of good faith 2013, human resources management, good faith, practices of western countries, etc.

The training was led by Zoran Nerandzic, Czech MP’s legal adviser, human rights defender in the Czech armed forces and international expert, and Tamar Pataraia, member of the Civil Council of Defense and Security. After completing the course, participants were awarded certificates.

The training was held within the framework of the project “Support to the Human Rights Academy of the Public Defender” funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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