Yazidi New Year Celebration

The Public Defender of Georgia congratulates the Yazidi compatriots on the New Year and wishes them a peaceful, rich and happy year. For the Yazidis the day is a symbol of renewal, spring, new life and the start of a new year.

Traditionally on this day the New Year's cake is baked, in which one bead is hidden. Head of the family cuts the cake in behalf of seven saints and family members. The saint, in whose peace of cake the hidden bead is found, becomes the family's patron saint of the year, while if the bead is found in the piece of cake of a family member, then he/she becomes the person who first crosses the threshold of the house in the New Year and is thought to bring luck to the family.

The tradition of cutting the cake dates back to the old age, when saint sheikhs gathered in Lalish (the Yazidi religious center, Iraq’s Kurdistan), put a bead in a cake and the one who found the bead became the senior sheik.

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